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from the Holy land

Sacred cross: A symbol of faith.

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Made in Holy Land

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Holy Land items are religious artifacts imbued with spiritual significance

In the Holy Land, skilled families passionately create cherished artifacts, weaving faith and craftsmanship into every sacred piece.

Olive Wood Rosary with Soil - 1.png


Rosaries have been manufactured in Bethlehem for hundreds of years, with their beads made from olive pits. Today, our rosary beads are made either entirely of olive wood, rose wood and also Mother of Pearl. Choose from a variety of different styles of rosaries.


These crucifixes are handmade masterpieces of art by native Christians to commemorate the God that once walked among them, Jesus Christ.

60cm Ortho F - 1.png


Our prayer and rosary bracelets make great gifts for children and adults alike. These bracelets are meant to provide reminders of one’s Christian faith


Birthstone Rosary

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