Dimension : 24cm X 18cm


How to burn Incense on a charcoal disc :


  •  Place a Charcoal disc in heat proof dish and light it.
  •  Once the Charcoal has caught light, leave it until the disc is hot. No less than 5 minutes.
  •  Tip Incense onto the disc and enjoy the lovely aroma.


Incense from the Holy Land contains 


  • Jasmine, Nard, Myrrah, Rose, Amber and musk bags
  • 4 charcoal discs
  • 2 roll-on anointing oil bottles


This souvenir gift is a symbolic of a life of holiness and righteousness and clears away negative energy,use for healing, protection and spirituality.


Your purchase supports Christian families in Bethlehem, The Birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Incense of the Holy Land with Fragrances Kit