Height : 33 cm


The statue reflects the heavenly power of St. Michael who defeated Satan and kicked him out of heaven, as evident in the bible verse from (Rev.12:7).


Saint Michael the Archangel will always be the one who stood against injustice and protector of ones who need it.


Protecting and defeating evil empowered by God's word in your home.


The remarkable artisans of Bethlehem have passed on the secrets of hand carving Olive Wood into phenomenal sculptures from generation to generation, and the skills some methods used are often the same ones used for hundreds of years.


Brilliantly carved  out of beautiful Olive Wood.


Please note : Because it is hand crafted from raw olive wood, wood coloration's may vary from that shown in photos. There are no two alike, each item is unique...


Your purchase supports Christian families in Bethlehem, The Birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Hand Carved